Translations of DN Debatt analyses

As I’ve said previously, I’m running a Swedish blog where I give detailed criticisms of opinion pieces from the leading Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. Since I haven’t found time to work on my corresponding English language blog, I’ve instead decided to translate a few of my analyses of the Dagens Nyheter articles. The translations are rather speedily done trimmings of Google Translations, but should hopefully be good enough. Note also that many of the links are in Swedish.

Several translations of both the original DN Debatt-articles and my comments will soon be published here. I also aim to translate some of my “meta-posts”, in which I delve on more general topics concerning political debates and political rationality.

Just a few quick notes on the format. The opinion pieces are published on DN Debatt, an opinion forum with a special standing in Swedish media and politics. The authors of the articles are always outsiders – usually politicians, civil servants, academics or writers -, never the newspaper’s journalists. (Apparently there is no corresponding forum in major newspapers in the UK and the US.) Sometimes, DN Debatt publishes replies, but I have not analyzed them for lack of time.

My own method of analysis is described in some detail here. Basically, I aim to point of all errors of argumentation: all factual errors, all logical fallacies, all failures to provide evidence for controversial claims, all failures to rebut relevant counter-arguments, and so on. On the basis of that, I grade each article from 0 to 10.

Between 20 september and 9 december 2014 I analyzed all articles (save one, which wasn’t really an argumentative piece but rather a report and therefore couldn’t be graded). The average grade given to the 94 articles graded during that period was 5.86 (see here for the whole distribution). Thereafter, I’ve concentrated on the most interesting articles.

More comment on this project will be published later.


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